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Raditz Saga •

Raditz had just received authorization to travel to Planet Earth in search of a family member he believes is still alive! Will he find them? Or is Raditz himself in for a rude awakening and sudden shock when he lands on Earth? And the mystery begins...

The Raditz Saga has now begun!  Can you survive his wrath?

Join the Raditz Sagaand find out!


A farmer is tending to his ostrich farm out in the grasslands, enjoying the state of the world at peace.  Before long however, that peace is shattered when an alien space pod crash lands nearby!  Unsure of what to do, the farmer decides to investigate the crashsite, only to find that a mysterious man is emerging from the pod. 

After a minor confrontation, the farmer is killed and the alien heads toward North City.  When he arrives there, he is angered at his inability to find whomever he is looking for and he destroys the city in an attack. 

With the city now in ruins and black smoke rising into the sky, the alien sets off again in order to locate the one named Kakarot.  With his scouter helping to show him the way, it won't be long before he encounters his next victim and brings more terror to the planet Earth!

Major EventsEdit

  • A farmer tends to his ostrich farm, enjoying the state of the world at peace.
  • An alien space pod crash lands nearby, prompting the farmer to investigate.
  • A mysterious alien emerges from the pod and immediately kills the farmer.
  • Following a reading on his scouter, the alien arrives at North City and destroys it.
  • The human form of Android 18 apparently dies in the attack.
  • Picking up another reading, the alien leaves the city in ruin and continues his search for the one named Kakarot.


  • Raditz vs. Farmer


  • Flight - Used by Raditz.
  • Ki Blast - Used by Raditz.


  • Farmer's pickup truck
  • Space Pod
  • Shotgun
  • Scouter
  • Tail


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