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ABSOLUTE DBZ: Is to be considered a incredible Fanfiction Roleplaying  Game Forum. Where members are welcome to either play their favorite powerful canon characters ie. Son Goku, & his children Son Gohan or Son Goten. Along with their friendly rivals like Vegeta and Piccolo. Or one can become as dark and ruthless as their most bitter enemies. Destroying worlds for fun.


This forum according to it's creators is inspired by the popular fancomic Dragonball-Multiverse . Where the events of alternate universe timelines may cause a hero to instead be a villain, or perhaps never born. Original Characters which have been developed for other RPG genres are also welcome. 


This is a timeline of all the main events that have taken place on the RPG, including past and ongoing Sagas.


  • Dravocn
  • Koroto
  • Namekgirl
  • Nameless
  • Northern Supreme Kai
  • Porunga
  • Shin Kyto
  • Vegito-U16
  • Zeju